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What is a YouTube network?

An organization that actively supports the development of online content creators, primarily on the YouTube platform. Partners within a YouTube network receive premium advertisements on their content, as well as features and support that are distinct to each network.

YouTube is a massive platform with millions of partners that represents almost every type of person. We think networks should be like a family within YouTube — the place where you can get to know your fellow creators more intimately, and receive direct attention and care from your network support team.

How will joining BYT Network affect my adsense?

Once you have joined BYT Network, your earnings will be managed by BYT Network.  All other Google related services like (AdWords) will NOT be affected by your partnership with BYT Network. Any previous Google Adsense earnings will still be linked to your AdSense Account.

More details about our AdSense program policies can be found here:

How can I view Ad performance?

Partnering your channel with BYT offers the unique benefit of earnings transparency. We are currently the only network to offer this service to its partners. Once in the network, you may visit http://www.youtube.com/analytics to determine your video & ad performance. You can view custom date ranges, ad earnings on a per-video basis, and many other useful tools.

How do I know if any of my videos violate copyright?

In short, Copyright is when someone creates an original, tangible piece of work. The ownership of said copyright works are exclusive to the owner and content creator and gives them the right to use their work in a specific ways. Some examples of copyright are:

  1. Video games and software
  2. Plays and musicals
  3. Audiovisual works: movies, TV shows, online creations

Ideas are not subject to copyright laws. In order to have something considered copyrighted, it must be tangible and it must be original. Names and titles, are NOT protected by copyright.

You can learn about what constitutes a violation of copyright here:

If your account status is in “Good Standing” then you are on your way to partnership! Please note: you must have commercial distribution rights for the content on your channel. If you do not, we advise you to either acquire said rights or remove the content from your channel before applying.

When do I first get paid?

BYT Network  follows the same payment schedule as YouTube. Payments are sent out between the 1-15th, one month after the earning period. For example, you will receive payment for your January earnings at the beginning of March. You can view your estimated monthly earnings on your YouTube analytics page: (http://www.youtube.com/analytics).

* Note: Your payments will be held until your earnings exceed the $10 threshold.

How do I get paid through BYT Network?

You will receive payment after we receive payment from YouTube.

Our avalible payment Methods are:

– Paypal

– Webmoney

You can contact us if your country does not support Paypal or Webmoney.

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